Handmade Fishing Tackle

We are fishermen creating high quality fishing parts and lures, we won't make something we wouldn't use.

We use a UV in our top coat, our top coat is one of the strongest on the market.

00 Colorado & 1.5 Colorado's are in 2 pack, all others are single pack's.

Check out the 3.5 Cascade, we are one of the few who offer it.

Stream, River, Bay, or Ocean, we put your Rod in motion.

Catch More Fish With Our Products

Our Blades will be a great addition to your fishing arsenal. With many colors to choose from and many sizes.

What we sell

Salt Water Blades

Colorado's, Indiana's, and Cascade's from size 3.5 - 8

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Fresh Water Blades

Colorado #3.5, Cascade #3.5, Willow #3, and Dakota #2

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Salt Water Lures

Make any blade into a lure :) 

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Gift cards

Gift cards, drop down menu for various amounts

24" Leader/ Bumper

150 lb monofilament, 10 mm bead, bead chain with cover, swivel

Caught With Our Products